Declaration of Conformity for safety cages

21 Mar , 2016 Sassa Roll-bar EN

Declaration of Conformity for safety cages

SASSA ROLL-BAR Srl, with the aim of constant improvement that has always characterized the work, announces that it has made a new declaration of conformity to be attached to all of its safety cages to F.I.A. standards not equipped with certificate.

The goal is to improve the traceability of the product and enable the transmission of data reliable and truthful personnel to verify, to further enhancing the cooperation between the Manufacturer and the Federation. 

The new document aims to be seen as innovative tool, yet essential: a sort of identity card of the safety cage extended to models compliant with Appendix J of the FIA. The relevant legislation obliges only safety cage homologated in Fiche or an ASN to have a descriptive document; the SASSA ROLL-BAR also extends this requirement to its compliant products. The new declaration of conformity is a multilingual document, drawn up on anti-counterfeiting paper – in order to prevent or hinder any type of reproduction – which lists some basic guidelines: 

Classification by type of product

– Compliance with the requirements contained in Attachment J FIA – ID Code

– A unique serial number printed on the physical safety cage that allows you to trace each piece Product

Indication of the basic technical specifications

– Type of material used and the pipe size Drawing

– Basic scheme of the safety cage with reference to the drawings Art. 253 to which the construction refers.

Box reserved for the installer:

– A reserved space dedicated installer where, by stamp, signature and date of installation, you can declare the assembly done “to perfection.”

The SASSA ROLL-BAR has created on its website a section dedicated and specially reserved for recommended installers, selected on the basis of parameters that distinguish, as always, the construction of their safety cages. This important innovation goes beyond legislation and supports the quality of the product that of the correct installation.

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