SASSA ROLL-BAR, one of the first companies to produce and market safety cages

We are located in Maltignano, in the province of Ascoli Piceno (Italy), in a 1000 square meter facility. We design, build and install safety cages for racing cars.

Sassa roll-bar historic photo

We offer series production for popular cars or custom-made design for unique models. In both cases, our products are built and homologated in compliance with FIA regulations in force. With a catalog of around 500 models, including many designed for historic cars, SASSA ROLL-BAR boasts a long experience that makes is a leading company in the field of safety devices for racing cars. We also provide securing of petrol tanks.

Thanks to our specialized staff and long experience in the sector, we ensure professionalism and competence in the reinforcement of the bodyshell and assembly of the roll bar. Our company is also specialized in the bodyshell preparation on templates with TIG / MIG welding.

Our technical staff will be at the client’s service for CAD drawings and structural calculations of the bodyshell, for a correct analysis of rigidity, balancing, weight and structural reinforcements. Thanks to a careful production process and to an agile structure, SASSA ROLL-BAR is able to ship throughout Europe with extremely fast delivery time.