Safety Cages

Safety Cages

SASSA ROLL-BAR Srl, constantly trying to improve its activity, created a new declaration of conformity to accompany all its safety cages in compliance with F.I.A. regulations not equipped with a homologation document.

The aim is to improve the traceability of the product and to transmit reliable and truthful data to the personnel assigned to the verification, thus strengthening the collaboration between the Manufacturer and the Federation.

dichiarazione di conformità safety cages

The new document presents itself as an innovative and at the same time indispensable tool: a sort of identity card for safety cages, valid also for models in compliance with FIA Annex J. The relevant legislation requires only safety cages with a homologation Fiche or homologated by an ASN to have a descriptive document; SASSA ROLL-BAR extends this requirement to its own products. The new declaration of conformity is a multilingual document drawn up on safety paper, in order to prevent or hinder forgery. It provides some essential indications:

Classification by product type:
– Compliance with FIA Annex J;
– ID Code, the unique serial number displayed on the safety cage that allows to track each piece;

Indication of basic technical specifications:
– Type of material used and size of the pipes;
– Drawing;
– Basic safety cage layout, with reference to the drawings related with the construction contained in Art. 253;
Box reserved to the installer:
– A special place in which the installer, affixing his own stamp, signature and date of installation, declares that the installation was perfectly done.