Emilio Giammiro the founder


SASSA ROLL-BAR was founded in 1971. Its history is connected to the life and work of its founder, Emilio Giammiro, a visionary businessman who managed to turn his passion into a lifestyle.

He had always been fond of car racing, and in the ’70 he began to participate in numerous competitions both on track and uphill, from Formula 3000 to Sport, driving many vehicles (such as the “legendary” 595 Abarth and the Citroen 2CV). Then, he brilliantly took on the role of local CSAI representative.

Giammiro decided to turn his passion, developed in a small workshop in a garage, into a real business. In 1975 he finally realized his project to found a more modern and structured company. In a few years time, Sassa roll-bar becomes one of the first companies in Europe to develop and market safety cages for racing cars.


Since 2008, Sassa roll-bar has opened a new chapter, becoming a real industrial reality able to combine tradition and innovation. In this way, it strengthened its dominant position in the European market, becoming a leader in the sector of motorsport safety. It has also conquered some of the most important dealers in the sector.

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